Absolute Morality

It is an adopted [recommended] philosophy, not universal philosophy. To ensure Sanaatani society adopts and lives by universal philosophies of Omni-Present Brahm, Karm-karmfal and Free-will, our Rishis recommended and good Sanaatanis adopted “Absolute Morality” as universal philosophy.

In simple words, this philosophy guides you to do the good every where and every time, whether being watched or not, without bothering about the fruit of the action. Most people [including many non-Sanaatani people] knowingly or unknowingly, most of the time try to do good, whether being watched or alone.

There is a puranic story in which an individual is asked to take a small bird and kill it when no one sees him killing it, the reward for doing this is supposed to be huge for him. The person goes deep in the jungle where neither any human nor any animal can be seen. Yet, when takes out the bird to kill, he realizes that he is seeing himself killing the bird and stops from killing it. This is the realization of Omni-Present-Brahm.

Contrast absolute morality with relative morality: Many of us, don’t steel someone’s property for fear of law, or our own property getting stolen. Those who follow relative morality [and many do] would steel neighbor’s property if there is fear of punishment or reprisal.

While announcing “padm-awards” in 2023, many of the awardees have exhibited “Absolute Morality” in practical ways. Story of some of the awardees can be viewed at: Shakuntala Choudhary, Basanti Devi, Kariveppil Rabiya, Dashrath Manjhi.