Omni-Present Brahma

All Sanaatanies believe that Brahma is present in everything, everywhere, knows everything, is all powerful; that is Brahma is Omni-present, Omni-Scient and Omni-potent. Brahma is also called Par-Brahma or Adi-shakti or super-consciousness. In all actions of Sanaatanies, we find this thought present, right from the teachings like Vasudaiv Kutumb-Kum, Sarve-Bhabantu Sukhinah, Atithi dev bhav, nature worship etc.

This universal philosophical law is the main difference between Brhamic [Sanaatan] philosophy and Abrahmic Philosophy. This enables Sanaatanis to think of creation, sustenance and destruction of Universe in certain ways which are fundmentally different from Abrahmic thoughts related to it. This universal philosophy gives birth the many many behavioral aspect of Sanaatani people/ society. 

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