Ramayan to Mahabharat

This section includes history of all rulers / kingdoms known [including Puranic Stories] from Ramayan to Mahabharat period. Some stories may be duplicated across different time sections, since different scholars assign these stories to different time periods. 

Bharat was a large land-mass with different rulers ruling different parts but united by a common Dharmic way of thinking. Our Rishis kept the history and lineage of kings of various rajya and spread the information to masses through stories. Some of these were captured in Puranas. As per some accounting, Ramayan Kaal was in last Manvantar and Krishna Kaal was in current Manvantar, thus the gap between Ram and Krishna (as per this accounting] is in millions of years. If they were born in the same Manvantar, but different Chatur-Yugs, the gap would be 1 to 2 million years. If they were born in the same Chatur-Yug, gap would be in 100s of thousands years. However, as per some other accounts, the gap between Ram and Krishna is just a few thousand years. No matter which accounting is more accurate, the lineage of Kings of even Ayodhaya or north India after Ram's son - Luv and Kush are sketchy. Sisodia rajputs of Mewar manually maintain genealogy linking them to Lord Ram. 

The Mahabharat War resulted in loss of most of information and status of Rishis -- who were maintaining such knowledge. Later on, Muslim invasions and subsequent destruction of many ancient universities and Rishis resulted in further loss of information. Thus information presented in this time period are based on whatever material can be found today [mostly based on Purans]. As and when, we get a new information, it shall be added here [like all other sections on this platform].

A genealogy diagram can be seen here.

This period has been divided into 4 time zones:

  • Post-Ramayan: Starting with end-of-rule-of-Ram until King Kuru [start of Kuru Dynasty]. 
  • Pre-Mahabharat: Starting with King Kuru to Shantanu [King Shantanu will be part of next time zone].
  • Mahabharat: Starting with King Shantanu to King Dhritrasthra
  • Mahabrarat+: Starting with King Yudhistir to King Janamejaya[?]

We will list Kings of not only Hastinapur but other kingdoms as well, as and when we find the information.