Ashram Vyavstha

These are for individuals, guiding an individual to pursue different aspects of life as per his/ her age and varn [profession]. There are four ashrams: Brahmacharya, Grihasta, Vaanprasth and Sanyaas.

Brahmacharya: During intial stage, a person prepare oneself for the challengs of the life, know Brahm (Knowledge), build physical strength, moral vlaues etc. Use support of all -- parents, teachers, nature, society and God - to get as much strength/ knowledge as possible.

Grihasta: Earn for yourself, your family as well as society and  support the other three Ashrams. By continuiing the family tree and supporting own kids, one pays back parent obligations [Matri - Priti Rin - matri - मातृ / पितृ ऋण] of parents. 

Vaanprasth: By now, your kids are adult and capable of taking over family responsibility, thus providing you some spare time. You may also have some extra wealth. Start handing over, but not renouce family responsiblity totally, continue to hand-hold your kids as they settle in their life. The spare time and [optionally] extra-money you get, you should use these as part of "give back to society".  This is an opportunity to pay back obligations of Society and Guru [गुरु ऋण, ऋषि ऋण].

Sanyaas: Time to detach from worldly attraction and prepare for the next life.