Struggle For Survival

We have seen Dharma Yudh going on right from the beginning of civilizations in terms of devasur [dev and asur] yudh. Both great epics, Ramayan and Mahabharat, have war stories. However, this section will focus on all atrocities or discrimination that Sanaatan Society had and continue to have to struggle for survival, going back to Muslim Invasion in the 7th century AD

Ancient wars like devasur sangram, Ram-Ravan Yudh, Mahabharat, etc. will be part of the Philosophy section in terms of scriptures and stories, some of these, especially Ramayan and Mahabharat kaal will be covered in the History section.

Wars and other sufferings after Mahabharat will also be covered in the History section. This section will include suffering at the hands of Muslims, and Christians, unfair constitutional & other legal provisions, and suffering due to vote-bank politics.

Hindu Genocide Chronological and categorical suffering and genocides