Universal Laws

As Google's Mission: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" guides  all the activities of all the employees of Google., directly or in-directly. Similarly, in all actions and thinking of a Sanaatani, these universal laws [Siddhants] are always there, knowingly or un-knowingly. 

The six universal laws are inter-woven, for example (a) Karm-Karmfal principle extends the time dimension of the Karmfal materialization beyond a life span in terms of Rebirth; (b) Omni-present / Omni-Sceint God  [Brahm] can be practiced by a human in terms of absolute morality; (c) Cyclical Time and Rebirth; (d) Free Will and Karmfal are co-related. Inter-relatedness of these principles necessitates evolution of social structures, customs & traditions by which a common person, without the knowledge of scriptures, can follow these principles in their lives.