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Post Content Button has FOUR options: Content, Location, Event and LocationEvent. You have selected Content. The guidelines below is for "Content" submission.
Important: We invite good content from public and appreciate the help. To ensure only validated and good content are part of the platform, we shall sanitize and review the content before it gets published.
Each post for content must have:
  • Topic: Name of the post, e.g. Good explanation of Karm in Gita Ji Chapter 3.
  • Page Creator: Generally your name [may be other's name, if the other person is the author. If you are logged in, it displayes your username. You may edit it.]
  • E-mail: So that we can reach you. [If you are logged in, it displayes your e-mail. You may edit it].
  • Content: The content text along with links to pre-existing content on Internet, links to other similar pages on Internet, links to images, audio-video etc. These will be reviewed before publication.
  • Comment: Your personal opinion about the content. Please specify the category along with sub-category, that you recommend this be published under. You may also add any comment about the links or source of information.
  • Choose File: To keep the disk space controlled, we request you to upload files of 5 MB or less.
  • Enter Large File link: If size of the file to be uploaded is more than 5 MB, you should upload the file on external source [e.g. YouTube] and ensure that "" has permission to view the content. If approved, we will use the link on our platform, hence please ensure that the link works and the content on the linked site is not modified for worse.

FYI: Difference Between the four types of Posts

  1. Content: Content on a general topic, mostly explaining scriptures, philosophy, customs, traditions etc. These can have images, videos and related contents. The most accepted view [as recommended by experts] will be main content and all other contents on the topic will be related contents. These contents will not have any time or location information.
  2. Location: Content that has a location information. Without location information, such contents have very little significance.
  3. Event: Content that has a notion of time. These can be related to Sanaatan Sansthan, its partners, local events at a place or Global event including online events.
  4. LocationEvent: Content that has both location information as well as notion of time.

Note: You can upload (upto 5MB) .pdf,.doc, image files of .jpg, .jpeg, .png types, .mp3 and .mp4.