The Sanaatan Society, in terms of religious denominations, at the highest level can be categorized as Hindu, Sikh, Buddha, and Jain. Within each of these, there are formal sub-groups as well as informal groups following a variation of the overall philosophy.  Overall each of these denominations follow most of the essential aspects [not 100%, though] of the Sanaatan Philosophy as well as Veds.

The category heading could have been Sects, Schools of Thought, Order, however we have elected to use Denominations to make it least offensive. Within each denominations, there are many groups with slight refinements in philosophy and practices, commonly these groups follow teachings [rather interpretation of their scriptures] of their leaders/ founders.

For example:

[please note we avoid suffixing the name with "ism", which to our understanding is a kind of western way to be-littling eastern communities]

  • Buddha: Mahayan, Vajrayan, Hinayan, Theravada
  • Jain: Shwetamabar, Digambar
  • Sikh: Khalsa, Namdhari, Nirankari
  • Hindu: many variations - based on variation in philosophy [Sakaar Worshipper vs Nirakaar worshipper, dwait vs adwait vs vishta-dwait; main Deity - Vishnu, Krishna, Hanuman, Adi Devi etc.], Based on their founding Guru; Based on whether followers being in God or not. Some current promininent groups are: Arya Samaj, ISKON, BAPS, Pushti Margi, Nath Sampraday, Swadhyay, Isha [Sad Guru], Art-of-Living [Sri Ravi Shankar] and so on. The followers can follow more than one Guru and would participate in activities of any group, without any hesitation or consequences.