It is said/believed that Rishi in the state of Tapasya heard Veds directly from Parabrahma/Parameshwara, In other words Rishi attained this jnana in state of samadhi which is called Shruti. So, Veds are called अपौरुषेय that means it is not created by man i.e impersonal/authorless and believed to be the words of Ishwara, eternal. Rishish are द्रष्टा (seers) rather than author of Ved. Read difference between Shruti and Smriti here.  Another way to look at these can be found here.
All Indic Darshan directly/ indirectly are deeply influenced by Veds. Many Rishis/ researchers have added to the pool of knowledge in terms of other scriptures.

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In USA, (a) library takes longtime to load  (b) Moving from Page to Page is quite slow (c) Some texts (e.g. Rigved) are on Roman Hindi and some texts -e.g. Gita Ji is in Sankrit) (d) could not find any commentary on Rigved or Gita Ji.

It does contain many scriptures and being made of Mobile phone, it would be good for new generation.

On Mobile Phone:  (a) Open a Browser and enter "" in the address bar (b) Click Up-Arrow (c) Its Icon on home page (d) To read books, click on this Icon and (e) Select "library" at the bottom.