Customs & Practices

Continuing the discussing about a corporation, the corporation conducts many practices to inclucate the culture which helps employees adhere to the principles of the corporation. Similarly, society needs needs rituals that enforce the philosophy, promote adoption of philosophy around the pillars in every day life. In case of Sanaatan Society, some examples are given below:

  • 16 Sanskars: These build harmoniuos society with mostly honest and good people.
  • Festivals: Broadly speaking festivals are celebrations based on seasonal goodness [harvestig of crops, spring etc.], success of Good over evil based on historical/ puranic stories and anniversies of important events [including birth / punya tithi of Avtars/ siddh people, important celestial events victory in wars, etc.
  • Murthi Pooja: Seeing GOD in Moorthi. Moorthi enable concentration as well as establishing relationship with the deity.

And so on. 

Since we have an independent tenet called "Customs and Traditions", these topics are convered in that category.