Beginning to Ramayan

Our sense of time is cyclical; each Kalp of Brahma has 14 Manvantars, each Manvantar has 71 Divya Yugs, and each Divya -Yug has 4 yugs. Our scope is restricted to current 4 yugs and we assume that Ram was born in Treta Yug and Krishna in Dwapar Yug of current Chatur-Yug. The duration of Yugs are also explained differently by different authors. This section shows history of known rulers / kingdoms based on Purans until Ramayan period. 

  • Quoting source as Bhavishya Puran, ISKON Desire Tree, lists the kings in 4 yugs [on Bhumandal] along with number of years some of the earlier kings ruled. 
  • As per Sattology, the lineage from beginning until Lord Ram is only 39.